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The Amazing Woman Network's service projects fall under our non-profit, AWN Cares, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The SUPPORT button will take you to the AWN Cares SUPPORT page where you can view the SUPPORT options. 

The Red Dot Project Logo

The Red Dot Project strives to eradicate period poverty by uniting women globally, redefining menstruation stigma, providing resources, promoting wellness and empowering communities through sustainability projects and workshops. 

We RAP logo

We RAP works with existing mentoring programs, bringing foster children into their program, and providing an overlay assisting with college readiness/scholarships, entrepreneurship and skilled trades, financial educations, housing placement, job placement and more. 


Curated Conversations logo

Curated Conversations was designed to be a mental wellness experience for the participant. Each woman is guided through an experience which touches on the senses and relaxes the mind, allowing for healing conversations.

Participant input, through a curated conversation, and the expertise of the facilitator, aides in the start of a mental wellness journey that will have lasting effects on the participant and those cl
osest to her. Improved mental wellness of the woman will ultimately improve the mental wellness of the community.

Be sure to check out our EVENTS page for upcoming Curated Conversations dates!

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